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FMA got a reboot, Rozen Maiden got a reboot/continuation, Hunter x Hunter got a reboot, and Sailor Moon is getting one so where the fuck is Shaman King’s reboot?


this one pic of sasuke is better than all of attack on titan


“I’m not an ally to anyone. I’m not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now… I might awaken once again.” 

Erza and Natsu « Samurai Version »

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favourite anime openings/endingsFMA: Brotherhood ED 1
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I’m deeply moved that we were all able to meet like this.


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fave knb characters; kise ryota

Ah- damn… He’s so frigging… Cool… An absolute, unique style that no one can copy… I started basketball ‘cause I admired him. Although I can do other plays as soon as I see them, I could never do his now matter how much I tried. But actually, I knew why I couldn’t. If I’m admiring, I can’t surpass. Because deep within the heart that hopes for victory. I keep on wishing that he won’t lose. That’s why I’ll quit admiring you.

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"Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald.

All the ending cards!

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