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"Anime is for children"

Ok so next time I’m babysitting your kids what should I put on for them? Blue Exorcist or Death Note?

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Free! Eternal Summer - Makoto reads Haru's mind
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“I am neither dead, nor am I alive.”
 Deidara or Sasori? | asked by anonymous.


「Come back as soon as you can. This place alone is our home」
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Team Seven | チームセブン

How could I possibly be a hero!!

I’ll take that cool expression of yours…and make it hot

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Miracles Week || Day 4 || Double Team
Kise and Kasamatsu
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Sasusaku month day 10: Impulsive

Kuroshitsuji / Happy Birthday Kira! / Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive

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Carrying steel blades in our hands, we sing a song of victory, bearing the wings of freedom upon our backs. Clenching our resolve to our hearts, we tear through the spiral of foolishness, dancing through..

With our Wings of Freedom 

Haruka Nanase + blue